XUV Group Student Theses

Multi-Angle Reflectance Measurements in the EUV
by Cynthia Mills

On Determining the Optical Constants on
Sputtered U and a-Si at 304 and 584 Å

by Matthew B. Squires

Determination of the Crystal Phase Dependance
on the Optical Properties of Diamond and Graphite (Hopg)
Between 30 and 1600 NM
by Matthew B. Squires

In Situ Ellipsometry of Surfaces in an Ultrahigh
Vacuum Thin Film Deposition Chamber

by Joseph S. Choi

The Measurement (58.4-164.0nm) and Analysis (40.0-600.0nm)
of the Atomic Scattering Factors of Diamond and Graphite
by Matthew B. Squires

Text Formating with LATEX
A Tutorial