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From early 1997 to late 1999, undergraduates from the Department of Physics & Astronomy at Brigham Young University were involved in a project of astronomical proportions. The IMAGE mission, developed joinly by NASA and the Southwestern Research Institute, is the first of the MIDEX-class missions to be launched. Its primary function is to forecast "Space Weather" - the ever-present flow of particles from the sun that are responsible for many disruptions in orbit-based communcation systems.

This site is in part an effort to document the involvement of BYU students in the design and manufacture of key components used on the spacecraft. Various links lead to different information about the project, including a summary of BYU's role in the mission ("The Project"), the students and faculty involved ("The People"), and a brief summary of the mission as a whole ("The Mission").

BYU Students involved in the project were featured in early 2000 in several newspaper and television news events. Links to the newspaper articles in online format are provided ("News Articles"), and digitized video of the launch and news broadcasts can be downloaded ("Video Archives"). The "File Downloads" section provides high resolution images used in articles, scanned images of the articles, and high resolution video for presentation purposes.

As always with the web, the content of this site is constantly changing. Look forward with us to new content and information.