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For now, all we have is a video of the actual launch itself. BE FOREWARNED: This is a large download! Wieghing in at 12.1MB, it is not for the faint of modem! In the future, we hope to have smaller resolution video for those who are bandwidth-challenged.

To view this movie, you will need Quicktime 4.0. If you need the player, click on this link (7.9 MB):


Finally, here is the movie. To save the movie to your hard drive, you will need to right-click on the link and choose, "Save target as..." or something to that effect.

IMAGE Mission Launch Movie
am Young University were involved in a project of astronomical proportions. The IMAGE mission, developed joinly by NASA and the Southwestern Research Institute, is the first of the MIDEX-class missions to be launched. Its primary function is to forecast "Space Weather" - the ever-present flow of particles from the sun that are responsible for many disruptions in orbit-based communcation systems.